My Secrets Cry Aloud (2009)

A touching and wise novel about seven women who live in the same house spanning its two hundred year history. Their journals bind them together through time, experience, and life. My Secrets Cry Aloud takes readers into the soul of each woman.

“Sherry Robinson has the ability to go right to heart of things: a family, a relationship, a personality….She does not gloss over or neglect the real complexity of life.” —Lee Smith, author of Dimestore: A Writer’s Life

“This is a beautifully written novel filled with wisdom and keen insights in a calm, clear voice, and a book that you’ll carry with you long after you’ve finished it.” —Silas House, author of Southernmost


Blessed (coming summer 2019)

Grayson Armstrong’s vision for a dying church has everyone in small-town Mercy, Kentucky, talking. The truth is everyone had been talking about Grayson ever since this dark-haired twenty-eight-year-old preacher with shoulder-length hair and an ill-fitting suit drove into town twelve years before in his silver convertible with his pretty wife and two rambunctious boys. It’s his untimely death, though, that has everyone trying to understand who they thought he was.

This vivid, poignant, and heart-breaking story is told by multiple characters whose paths intersect with Grayson: a homeless Vietnam veteran haunted by demons of war; the local diner’s young waitress grappling with her family’s dark history; aggrieved and supportive congregants and townspeople confronting change and the power of love and hate; and Grayson’s wife and his coming-of-age gay son, struggling to understand their own feelings about Grayson.

During a time when communities and countries are split apart, Robinson’s calming prose and timely story encourages us to put aside our fears, hate, and biases and to open our hearts and challenge our perceptions. Blessed is ultimately a story of hope and of the power of forgiveness.

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